JCLEC’s 18th Birthday Celebration

Jul 4, 2022

JCLEC's Executive Directors during the celebration of JCLEC's 18th anniversary.
JCLEC’s 18th birthday celebration was held on 4 July 2022. The Executive Director, Brigadier General Aby Nursetyanto opened the event by giving speech to all the staff about upholding professional values and creating a comfortable workplace as home for the staff and the guests. After a praying for the success of JCLEC’s future, JCLEC’s Executive Director Programs, Commander Greg Davis proceeded to cut Tumpeng.

Tumpeng is yellow rice shaped like a cone, an inseparable dish for ceremonial and important events in Indonesia. The tumpeng symbolises whole heartedness gratitude and wishes for welfare and prosperity. As a part of JCLEC management’s appreciation to its staff, JCLEC Executive Directors also gave a slice of the tumpeng to the most senior staff and the newest staff of JCLEC.​