Networking Dinner of JCLEC Programs

Jun 24, 2024

JCLEC Executive Directors attended and enjoyed networking dinner with along with the participants, trainers, and sponsors of JCLEC programs at JCLEC.

On Thursday, 30 May 2024, JCLEC Executive Directors along with all participants, trainers, and sponsors of the XVII International Management of Serious Crime (IMOSC) program, CMS IUU Fishing Workshop, and Border Security Workshop: Aviation Targeting of Travellers attended and enjoyed a warm networking dinner at the Tulip Resto in the Nusantara Building at JCLEC.

It was a tremendous honour to have the Governor of the Indonesian National Police Academy, Police Inspector General Krisno H. Siregar, S.I.K., M.H., the AFP Commander of Southeast Asia, Commander Warwick Macfarlane, and the AFP Commander of Papua New Guinea, Commander Jamie Strauss joining this event.

Their presence added value to the evening, promoting networking, and fostering relationships between the organizations.‚Äč